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Spysecurities is the group of young Dynamic People who are working for the GPS devices from last 10 Years . We have successfully delivered the GPS devices to major vehicle owners in India and outside of India. Our GPS tracker are the best in Quality. They are made for the every type of vehicle bike and transportation system.

 We daily come to offices to solve big problem of transport Industry through our Product. Our services are one of the top leading services in the India. If any of our cleint need service out of state then we provide helping hand for them. We are having the best support system and very good office environment.

We are existing in the leading GPS Tracking System industry from last 5 years. Our company aims at offering innovative and cost effective GPS tracking system to all over india including best hardware and software. GPS tracking system is the best and an unique way for companies and individuals to track and monitor their car, truck, person and other valuable assets.

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Real meaning of GPS Tracker and full explaination.
The GPS Tracker is the electronic device that take help of original satellite system which also called a Global positioning system(GPS) to determine and locate. The real positioning of the valuable asset whether it is your car, pet or any individual. You can easily track any bike, person, truck or asset with recorded time in it. These position records are then forwarded to a our main server / website using GPRS internet connectivity. After this process all the  record can be seen in real-time on computer, laptop or any mobile phone / tablet. By Using a tracking device gives you end number of benefits. Like it saves time by giving you the information about the busy roads and tells you a route which can lead you to your destination as early as possible. Using a best GPS Can Prevent Crime by Tracking the Activities of The Criminals, or they can be caught easily if their vehicles can be traced and tracked. If you are having a transportation business,then it can assist you in reducing the operational cost and lets you improve the productivity of business without any hassle.

Vehicle tracking system (VTS) is now one of the most popular technological changes in all over the world that is going to make our personal and business life lot easier. As the term suggests, it enables one to track or monitor the location of vehicle in instant time. Primarily, the system functions with the help of different technologies like the Global Positioning System (GPS), traditional cellular network such as Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and other radio frequency medium. But GPS is more effective and accurate in this field. As far as vehicle tracking in India is concerned, its uses in market are so many that one cannot even imagine.

What is Vehicle Tracking ?
If your vehicle travelling on the road then is pretty much obvious that anything can happen to your vehicle. May be accident or theft anything can happen to it. So, it is very important to track your vehicle on prior basis. With the help of vehicle tracking sytem. Keep track on the status and exact location of your vehicle which is carrying valuable goods at anytime and anywhere beacause the valuable assets in it is important to protect. It is essential for both personal as well as business purpose. You can easily track your vehicle by calling your driver over mobile phone but most of the time you will get wrong information from your driver. So, at any time you are not in a position to check and 100% sure about the location and status of your vehicle. At spysecurities various vehicle-tracking technology system present which are based on the Global Positioning System (GPS) or radio frequency medium channel.This can track your vehicle location in real-time and provide full control over your car,bike,truck,scooter or any sort of vehicle.

Our Key Features

Vehicle Engine Lock

This is an engine immobilizer. Wit this feature you are able to lock your moving vehicle from the mobile. You need to login into our app and by simple one command yo can stop your vehicle.

Unlimited Tracking

You can track your vehicle. You need to login in our mobile app and then wherever your vehicle is moving around the country you can track and deliver and see the reports.

Mobile App Alerts

With our smartphone app, you get instant alerts of vehicle activities like Ignition On/ Off, Overspeed, Device Disconnection, Geo fence, etc. You can download our app from android google play store.

Overspeed Alerts

Set up a speed limit on your vehicle & get instant Overspeed alert on mobile app, when it crosses this limit.

Power Cut Alerts

If there is any power failure or device disconnection from vehicle, our app will push you an alert message instantly. So is the power cut is done from external source then you will be notify.

On Site Installation

Free Doorstep delivery & installation of device by our technician in selected areas. No need to go anywhere to buy product or get it installed. So if you want this benefit then order it now

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Spysecurities always keep your vehicle, fleet, kids, old parents and pets safe and ahead with gps tracking systems which is going to provided from us. Our full fledged battery run devices will fulfill each and every need of yours. You can easily Receive the real time location data of your vehicle when they are on the move and thousands miles away from you. Start Monitoring the speed and calculate the fuel they maintaining, the route they are taking and the direction of their movement from they are going. Catch your drivers red handed on the spot, catch your employees who are using company vehicles for personal use, easily reach out to your vehicles when they meet an accident or be alerted when your car is moving away from your place where it is ideally should be. Moreover and most important thing you don’t need to stay glued to your computer screen for the constant feedback beacause spysecurities arranges to send these data to your handhold devices like mobile and tablets.

Spysecurities gps devices are best for hidden installation beacause your drivers might show their original colour only when they feel nobody is watching. We use to deal in GPS active trackers, GPS passive trackers and hybrid GPS trackers, helping you to choose the best one which serves your purpose of tracking at it best. Add that to the experienced team of fitters and engineers. We have all type of engineers. We are in this business for long time and able enough to gather the best minds to install, troubleshoot and get your GPS vehicle tracking device going active within minutes from buying. We can claim and proved that none can beat us as GPS tracking system and vehicle tracking system in gurgaon, gps tracking system in noida, gps tracking system in rajasthan, gps tracking system in delhi, vehicle tracking system in delhi, gps in delhi, for car, bus, truck and children in all over Indian major states.

Our Clients

Our dealership network is the strongest and biggest one in India, GPS tracker, Vehicle tracking devices and other tracking devices. This means whenever and whatever type of new tracking device you require we bring it for you. Tracking device needs maintenance or you just need a person guiding you in the right direction, you are never too far from us. GPS tracking device is becoming important in every passing day. We realise it because we are into the dealing with increased number of client queries receiving every day. From every part and segment of society, people are realising and giving a look for reliable solution, which is the major USP of our GPS Tracking device. the importance of these devices and when they come flocking to Spysecurities, gps in delhi, gps tracking system in delhi supplier in india. Join the ever increasing number of Indians and install the tracking device you need to keep your precious vehicle safe. Trust us beacause we are the unique solution provider in Delhi.

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