What is an OBD vehicle tracker and how it different from wired trackers?

OBD vehicle tracker is a device that is used to track the location is it has been installed in a vehicle. When it is installed and powered up it will start getting signals from the network and after that, the tracking starts to take place.

It is the most convenient GPS tracker for vehicles and users like you really love it. The OBD tracker is something that doesn’t require any wire splicing and cutting work. It is a very convenient device by which you can easily track your car, bike, scooter, and other vehicles. This is the tracker that is fitted into the OBD of the car. From there itself it takes up the power.

There is not any requirement of any extra service engineer even you can install is because it easily gets fitted into plugs of OBD sections. It can easily be installed in seconds and start running on itself. If you are an owner or there is a family member who wants to track the vehicle then yes it is a very easy process to locate your vehicle. Many of the company users are able to install it in their vehicle so that they can easily locate their assets where it is traveling.

The OBD tracker is to be fitted into the car and beneath of it. All the cars which are manufactured after 1996 must have this equipment.

There is a common location specified for the OBD tracker to track your car and in all the cars it is at the same location. But it is not a good practice because most of the theft activities can be easily done with OBD trackers. The location is fixed as we told then every thief knows how to open it.

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Difference b/w OBD vehicle tracker and Wired Tracker

The OBD GPS Tracker is installed directly in the vehicle’s port which is situated below the Dashboard. Just you need to Plug and play but Wired GPS Tracker is usually installed behind the dashboard. There is always a Hard wiring with ignition, power,and ground must be given to them.

Wired Tracker can be install in a hidden location and on that location from where it will not be visible to anyone of the members who will be seated in vehicle. And it will not going to disturb the driver and passengers travelling in it. It can also collect each and every data that the sending OBD device may not be able to receive quickly. It can also be used in any kind of vehicle. Like private cars, trucks, trucks, etc.

The OBD GPS Tracker are directly connected to the vehicle OBD port. So you can install OBD device by yourself as it will saving time and money. Besides of this OBD can also record all the transmission vehicle diagnostic data. It can be used in larger fleets other than private cars. For example, big bus management and truck management services. The disadvantage is that it is easy to remove by anyone if known.

Advantages of having OBD trackers are :

As soon as we fit the OBD trackers they start to acquire the car data. You are then able to listen the voice and observe the data easily.

It is an easy plug and play device by which you can locate the wheel of your car and position of your vehicle.

It will surely going to improve the driving behaviour by which quality of driving goes up and vehicle will remain into quality state.

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